Office Service Rep

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: JOLIET, IL, United States
Organization: ComEd
Job ID: 242220
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2022
Job: Clerical

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Job Description





Under direct supervision, to enter data from such documents ;as forms, orders, procedures, reports, tabulations, labels, drawings and correspondence and to sort and extract data using computer technology to verify scanned text images or the prepared copy with original material and refer errors as necessary to others for investigation and correction; to transmit data electronically; to store and index information on computer storage, media, to make revisions to previously typed copy; to perform general clerical and other typing/ input work and no perform related work as assigned. Typical examples of the duties are:


  1. To set up the equipment to perform routine functions and basic applications.
  2. To assemble materials and follow standard or supplied instructions to type documents, and verify scanned text-images, and to make any required corrections using enhancement software via, keyboard, mouse or o1w applicable devices.
  3. To maintain a current filing system of forums, standard statements, and repetitive
  4. documents.
  5. To perform a variety of simple clerical duties related to documents, such as filing,
  6. preparing mailings, photocopying, and for record keeping.
  7. To sort and code incoming documents according to a prescribed breakdown and classification system.
  8. To file materials in folders or other containers in accordance with standard procedures.
  9. To locate files and withdraw material or information as requested.
  10. To order and maintain Office supplies.
  11. To keep records of material removed from files, date-stamp materials, type labels, or
  12. perform other clerical duties required to maintain or service files.



1. Education equivalent to graduation from high school.

2. Successful completion of validated skills and aptitude tests.

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